The /day glitch

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Aug 10, 17

If you abused the /day glitch, I am giving you until the Thirteenth of August to come forwards. PM either Curtis73, Tilly4225, MoonCrisp or Quartz563 on discord and nothing will happen, apart from a werewolf stats reset. If you don't come forwards, you will be banned for abuse of glitches.

Thank you,

The PotterCraft Team.


Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Jul 28, 17

Hello, everyone!

It's time for something that has been long awaited for to come out. Werewolves.

There are three werewolf clans, each based on their own principles.

The Alphas

There is one alpha for each clan. The alphas are the head of the werewolf clan and can set down rules and regulations for the clan. The clan members are expected to follow the regulations. Failure to do so could result in retaliation from either the alpha or the Ministry. The alphas deal twice the amount of damage and defence than the other wolves in their clan, however, if the alpha is killed, the person that killed the alpha shall become the alpha. It is up to the alpha if they will co-operate with the ministry (More on this later)


The Witherfang clan are based on speed and determination. Witherfangs are the fastest of the three clans and deal the most damage, however, they are not very good at defending themselves. The alpha of this clan will be ShinyCharm.


The silvermane clan is based on regeneration and order. Silvermanes are the best at defending themselves and are moderately fast, though not as fast as the Witherfang clan. The alpha of this clan will be Quartz563


The Bloodmoon clan is based on strength and war. Bloodmoon is the slowest of the three clans but deals the most damage. The alpha of this clan will be Knightwinerlol10.

Please note that the buffs above only take effect when transformed.


To become a werewolf, you must become infected. Each way of infection puts you in a different clan.

  • To become a Witherfang werewolf, you must drink a werewolf infection potion.
  • To become a Silvermane werewolf, you must get bitten by a wild wolf.
  • To become a Bloodmoon werewolf, you must be bitten by another Werewolf.

It is unknown where the location of the infection potions are, though it is thought that some black market dealers might be handing them around...

The Moon

The moon has a heavy impact on each and every werewolf. The moon cycle is tracked with the /ww command and on the beginning of every (eight day long) week, a full moon occurs.

During a full moon, no werewolf will be able to control themselves. As soon as moonlight is cast on them, they will transform into their true forms and level up, growing a little stronger each full moon cycle - thus raising their level.

Werewolves drop all equipment on transformation, so be mindful when you are around on a full moon. Werewolves also can only eat meat, and get hurt by gold and silver weapons. If a werewolf holds a silver sword, they will be significantly hurt.


Each level gained strengthens the werewolf. 

Intent to Infect ~ Level Two:
When activated with /ww intent, your chances of infecting another player with the werewolf infection is greatly increased when attacking them.

No Armor Drop ~ Level Ten:
During transformations, instead of dropping your armour, it is simply moved to a free slot in the inventory.

Scent Tracking ~ Level Twenty:
Once activated with /ww track, the werewolf will move slowly with their eyes closed (given by Blindness effect) and will begin to see a trail that leads to the target they have previously marked by right-clicking on them whilst in wolf form.

Free Transformation ~ Level Thirty:
At this point, the werewolf has fully learned how to control their form. Using /ww transform, the werewolf can transform at any time. Werewolves under this level will be forced back into human form if outside during the day. You can only use this command once every twenty minutes.

Gold Immunity ~ Level Thirty-Five:
Normally, gold swords deal twice the amount of damage as normal swords on werewolves. However, high-leveled werewolves become immune to this.

Pack Call ~ Level Forty:
At low health, using /ww howl will also summon a pack of wolves to aid you in your fight. (To be implemented soon!).


Werewolves can only eat meat. Anything else will not fill up their hunger bar. Here is the list of foods the werewolf cannot eat:

  • Bread
  • Apple
  • Mushroom Soup
  • Golden Apples
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Baked Potatoes
  • Pumpkin Pies
  • Cookies
  • Cakes
  • Melons
  • Beetroot
  • Beetroot Soup


Werewolves cannot become Vampires and Vampires cannot become werewolves. Will there be a Vampire vs Werewolf conflict in the future?

Ministry of Magic

Right now, the Ministry has no problems with werewolves. However, violent acts done by werewolves may force the ministry to take drastic action. There will be more on this when the Ministry is finished.


There are three custom potions that revolve around the werewolf infection and there is a sword that does much more damage on werewolves than normal swords.

It is unknown as of yet where they might be lying around. Player-Run shops? Knockturn Alley?

You might be able to find these in Diagon Alley and maybe some Player-Run shops.

A must have for anyone venturing out there alone. You will be able to find these in Diagon Alley and maybe some Player-Run shops.

Again, a must have for anyone going out there alone! You will be able to find this in Diagon Alley and maybe some Player-Run shops.


Trackers can be used to keep track of these magical creatures. If you use these trackers to hunt the wolves or stay away from them is up to you!

Vampire trackers will only target a vampire if they are not at spawn and if it's night time.

Werewolf trackers will only target a werewolf if they are not in spawn and if they are in their wolf form. You can craft a Vampire Tracker or Werewolf Tracker with the following recipes:

You might be able to find these somewhere around Knockturn Alley.

Washed Armor
This is the first step in purifying armour so there is a chance for the vampire and werewolf infections to not infect the wearer. You must wash diamond armour into washed armour:

Purified Armor
This is the last step in purifying armour so when you have a full set, you will NEVER be infected by those pesky vampires and werewolves. You must scorch the washed armour into purified armour. But be warned! There is a very high chance it'll just burn to ashes.

A failed attempt at Purifying armour. Don't be fooled, ash is pretty much useless gunpowder.


If the alphas wish, they can set up their own discord server for their clan. Alphas are encouraged to work with the Ministry, but do not have to. Please remember that if you are an alpha, it can be taken from you at any time. Here are the following regulations set by the current alphas. If the alphas change, the alphas can change the rules accordingly.

Silvermane ~ Quartz563

  1. There is to be no infection of those under the Hogwarts year 7
  2. Order is a part of the pack's very definition, it is to be upheld at all times.
  3. Infection of underage wizards will be dealt with serious consequences.
  4. Infection may only occur when both werewolf and human give consent, else the werewolf in question will be punished.
  5.  Attacking other members of the clan is strictly forbidden unless a direct order is given from the current alpha.
  6. While we respect our werewolf brethren from the other clans, the sharing of potentially damaging information is forbidden. Should you have any questions on this law, see the current alpha.
  7. Declarations of war are to be handled by the current alpha, and in the rare event that there is a war the proceedings will be handled by the current alpha.

Witherfang ~ Kwiper

  1. Anyone of any year can join the Witherfang pack should they choose by drinking the potion, HOWEVER members of the pack may only infect those who are Year 7 and above.
  2. Attacking other members of the pack is strictly forbidden unless a direct order from Alpha is given.
  3. Spreading information about our pack to other clans is forbidden.
  4. Matters of war are to be handled by the Alpha and the Alpha only.
  5. Failure to comply with these rules will result in severe consequences.

Bloodmoon ~ Knightwinerlol10

  1. There is to be no infection of those under the Hogwarts Year 7
  2. Infection of underage wizards will be dealt with serious consequences.
  3.  Attacking other members of the clan is strictly forbidden. unless a direct order is given from the current alpha.
  4. You are not to spread around information of this clan to other clans.
  5. War is to be handled by the current alpha, if there is a war, it will be the alpha that manages it.

The Future

There will be many additions to this system in the near future, and it will be announced on this website, our twitter and discord. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact either myself or one of the three alphas.

 We hope you will enjoy this update!

We have many projects underway and we hope to get them out soon - some of them being:

  • Complete ministry overhaul with elections etc.
  • Player-Run shops update
  • Spell updates, additions and balancing

There are much more, but we cannot name them as of yet!

Thank you for reading & playing,



_Rainbowcorn_ ProfessorHufflepuff Awesome! :d
landenlan100 Head Builder It is nice to see the werewolf plug-in back in action! Nice work!
RyanIsFabulous ProfessorHufflepuff
RyanIsFabulous @ PotterCraft

PvP World Reset

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Jul 8, 17


It has come to my attention recently that the PvP world has been causing a lot of lag on the server. Because of this, we have decided that it will be best if we wipe the PvP world. The wipe will be taking place on Saturday the 15th, June. I will also be wiping all the kingdoms data, in order to fix a lot of bugs. The reasons behind this decision are:

  • PvP world taking up lots of the server space
  • PvP world was created in 1.10. 1.11 adds much more to map generation and exploring
  • Bugged out kingdoms - Kings being removed from being king, being an enemy to the same kingdom multiple times etc. are all patched bugs, but the kingdoms must be wiped for the changes to take effect.
  • Multiple cheated/glitched items in the PvP world. Since the introduction of the confiscation plugin, we have noticed a significant amount of bad items confiscated. If we wipe the world, all the cheated items will be lost. is one of 127 chests of confiscated items.

The server will be closed from 9:30 AM GMT to 10:00 AM GMT in order for this to happen.

During this week period, you can take out all of your important items and place them in the Gringotts item bank. It's only a few knuts if you need to buy more space!

We are not currently sure about pacifism and are still debating over if it should be removed or not. We might make it so you have to apply to make your pacifist kingdom, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Thanks for reading!


EDIT: PvP World reset - thanks for your patience.

knightwinerlol101 ProfessorDeath Eater July the 15th*
Funny_Ovillander Prefect Poor tempest,Poor poor Tempest
PsychoGamer334 Hufflepuff I too am able to hold your items that you cannot deposit into Gringotts.Don't forget to store some in your enderche...

1.12 Update!

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Jun 25, 17

Hello there,

As you know, version 1.12 was released a few weeks ago. At one thirty today, we will be shutting the server down temporarily while we update the server. A backup was taken yesterday, so if anything does go wrong, we do have something to fall back on.

If you haven't already - join our discord! I will be posting updates on how the update is going on there. Invite link:

We don't expect this to take more than half an hour - but things to have a tendency to go wrong!

Thank you for your patience,


tucker07 Is this for Pocket Edition? Every time I try to get on it says invalid IP.
MaxximumFire Is this for pocket edition or pC addition?
BeastEmh Professor Noice!

Quibbler hiring!

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Jun 10, 17

Hello there,

As you may or may not know - the newspaper 'The Quibbler' is now hiring!

If you are interested in joining the Quibbler - then you can either head down to their London HQ just outside the Leaky Cauldron, or you can join this discord server. The Quibbler offers a great experience in both writing and journalism! You will receive pay for the work you do for the Quibbler, so it is a great way to stabilise your finances!

Join today!

Thanks for reading.

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