New Class Plugin!

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Nov 18, 17

New Class Plugin

Yup, I know what you're thinking - it must be something along the lines of "Finally!" or "My god, what took you so long?".

Anyway, The new class plugin will make being a professor much easier for some of the following reasons;

1) Command to view all the rules. In the future, we may make it so the students have to agree to the rules to be able to join
2) Something that the dev team made - we'll constantly be trying to make it better & improve it to suit the professor's needs!
3) Much nicer help menu
4) Built-in raise-hand command (Yes, it was external previously)
5) The ability to lock your classes - no more late students!

The command /class will bring up this menu.

Students will only be able to see student commands
Professors will only be able to see student and professor commands
Admins will be able to see all commands.

In the future, we plan to add the following:
Automatic logging of classes
Automatically adding/removing students from the class channel
Removing students from class
Blacklisting naughty students from class
Class inspection system
Converting /class inarray to /class students - a command which will allow professors or students (undecided yet) to see who's in class.

Quartz563 - Created the base code & bug fixing.
Husky_Peverell - Bug troubleshoot & fixing.
Curtis73 - /class rules & bug fixing.
lvletei - Major contributions towards our bug squashing efforts.

We hope you enjoy this new addition, and if there are any problems, please contact either Quartz563#4919 or Curtis73#1269 on Discord.

Thanks again,

Eliza0508minecraft Gryffindor Looks good


MoonCrisp Death EaterSlytherin posted Oct 19, 17

Hello PotterCrafters!

The time has finally come, I am resigning from my positions on the server. This was not something that I ever thought I would need to do, so this may be a little rusty. 

I want to thank everyone, and I mean everyone. All of you have made my experience on this server better any experience on another server. You all contribute to the amazing community which I can only thank Curtis for creating. This has been probably the best year of my life so far, and I've got everyone's support and kindness to thank for it. Truly, you are all amazing.

Now, I think that I owe some of you personal thanks.

Curtis: Thank you for everything, from accepting my prof app to making me head prof. I'll never forget you.

Tilly: Thanks for being generally one of my favourite people, you are so kind and have helped me through my time as staff.

Quartz: Thanks for being there. You are someone who I can trust with most things, more than anyone else. 

Aodo: Thanks for accepting me when I first joined, I wouldn't be a prof without what you told me.

Ryan: Thanks for being weird. You made my experience fun and you've inspired me to be myself.

Hermione: Thanks for being so kind and caring. 

Knight: Thanks for helping me out in the PVP world. From CoinCrisp to Qartal. 

Cam: Thanks for being loyal and down to earth. I always knew I could rant to you.

That concludes it! Once again, thank you all. This experience is one which I will never forget. 

-Head Professor MoonCrisp.

Eliza0508minecraft Gryffindor You will be missed
TypDoritoes AurorGryffindor I'll miss ya moony
x_Ring_x ProfessorGryffindor I'll miss ya, Moon. But on the other hand-what am I, chopped liver? x3 -The Hamiltrash

100 Subscriber giveaway!

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Oct 6, 17

Hello there!
I am here to bring you news of a giveaway we will be holding once our YouTube channel hits 100 subscribers!

If you're on our discord, you may know that we recently hired a new member to our YouTube team - "Carson".     

So far, he's created three videos (You can check them out HERE). During the period he has been working for us, we have gained over 20 subscribers! As a way of celebrating this, the head staff and I have decided that we'll do a giveaway once we hit 100 subscribers!

We'll be giving away the following;

  • Alliegence package - Death Eater or Auror
  • One Animagus/Patronus animal of your choice!
  • 10 Galleons or a 50% off coupon on the donation store!

How do you enter, you ask?
It's simple - just follow the steps shown in the video HERE!

Thanks for playing,

Curtis73 & Head staff.

SparkleFish1 I did this and I hope I win!

PvP World Border/Reset

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Sep 14, 17

Hey all,
Right now there's a situation with the PvP world - it's using 80% of our allocated space. This leaves me with two options.

1. Border shrink
This would involve shrinking the World Border to 250k blocks, instead of the 1 million it is at now. All bases behind the border would be lost, though we would give some time to let you move your stuff over, and we would happily copy/paste larger kingdom's bases over (you'd have to re-do kingdoms land, turrets & nexus etc.)
The downside would be that I would be relying on old tools to cut down the world size & delete the region files. If it does not delete the region files/corrupts them, we will have no choice but to reset.

2. PvP Reset
As the title suggests, this would involve a complete reset (kingdoms would just have their RP and land reset, nothing else unless necessary). I know this may seem early as the last one was in July, though if the above method fails, we will have no choice. If you vote in a majority for a reset, the world border would most likely be at 50k blocks, not the 250 you would get if we go for the Border Shrink, and we may have to reset the PvP world more often - because with less room, there will be less natural resources to use - and once you use them all up, there won't be any point for newer people to start playing.

You can vote here:

This vote closes on the 17th of September, 8 PM GMT+1//BST

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: As the majority of you voted for reset, that is what we shall do. The PvP world will reset on Saturday the 23rd of September, 10:00 AM BST. Please expect 15-30 minutes of whitelist on whilst we make this transition.

DontForgetFunny Prefect No
Coolingen20 Does that mean we get more minigames

Staff needed!

Curtis73 OwnerSlytherin posted Sep 12, 17

Hey there,

You might've noticed that our Professor board right now is a little empty, so here are some stats regarding our current staff:

2 Senior Professors
2 Junior Professors
2 Builders
5 Prefects
1 Head Boy
1 Head Girl

As you can see, we are rather understaffed at the minute!

If you would like to, you can apply by going to the top of our Website, rolling your mouse over the apply tab and selecting the position you would like to apply for!

Please note:

You cannot apply for Head Boy/Head Girl - You are promoted to that position from Prefect, if you do a great job for a long time.

The same goes for Senior Professor, you are promoted after you do a great job & have gained lots of experience teaching.

Whilst Inquisitorial Squad isn't really a staff position, it gives you extra brownie points if you apply for one later!

You have a higher chance of being accepted if you have some experience as Inquisitorial Squd or Prefect!

Please, Please, PLEASE read the questions and answer with full detail - 9 in 10 of the applications we get in do not write 5 lines on said questions, or copy/paste stuff off the internet or have poor grammar/spelling. Not following the instructions in your applications is basically asking it to be rejected.

For your Builder applications - it's best if you do something with lots of detail on a medium-large scale in the theme of Harry Potter. If you do small builds, then that will be all we have to judge your application on, and you won't be building many small structures!

If you look on the third box down on the left, you should see something titled "Apply Status". This shows how badly we need people in said position - for example, if it said Professor: High, it means we are in high need of professors!

Thanks for reading, and I hope we see some new faces on our staff team soon!

Curtis73 & Head staff.

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